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Understand Body Talk to the Power of 7S

"A message heard and not seen is only half communicated"



A power packed exciting hands on session, engaging methods to improve your personal and professional effectiveness by learning the finer nuances of body language and its impact in communication.

This includes AV feedback using powerful posturing, appropriate expressions and gesturing so that the listener tunes in to the purpose of your speech.

Non verbal communication like,facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and stance speak very loud and quick!

Learn to master the message that meets the eye!

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The Objectives of this Workshop are:


  1. To learn the magical power of persuasive speaking through effective body talk methods to influence the mind of the listeners.
  2. To improve personal effectiveness by understanding the nuances of body language, and, realizing the potential of non verbal communication.
  3. To learn how other people see and how they prefer to learn, so you will be able to tailor and design your body talk,use strategy to maximize your purpose, deliver effectively and bring on strong impact.


The Workshop will include:


  • The essence of non verbal communication
  • Active body talk depending on the purpose
  • Connecting with people by developing signal, stance and style
  • Smiling as a springboard to trigger body talk
  • Speaking effectively and effortlessly using spatial relationships and personal space mapping
  • Intensity and projection body talk
  • Methods to reducing body fatigue & strain while speaking
  • Basic effective posturing of the body
  • Developing better stage presence to build confidence 
  • Overcoming physical, mental and creative boundaries


This session would be an interesting mix of simple activities, powerful visuals and interactive sessions on the above components.


Who Will Benefit:


Entrepreneurs,Professionals into Sales and Marketing,Businessmen/women, Doctors, Students, Teachers, Coaches, Trainers, IT professionals, and Aspiring Actors

Any individual who wishes to take non verbal communication (body language) to the next level in both their professional as well as the personal spheres.


About the Coach 


Professor Dr Ushy Mohan Das is a dynamic communications scientist, a doctor by profession, and an educator by passion.

The CEO and Director Communications of Dr Ushy’s Wisdom Works and the creator of the acclaimed brand “The Mind Workshop” she has trained for more than 3 decades in body talk coaching in the education sector, corporate sector and the government sector.

Her well structured and thoroughly researched mind workshops and leadership practices have brought to life, people and organizations into states of excellence, through sheer strength, simplicity, and scientifically backed substance. She empowers  peak performance.

A professional, globally reputed motivational speaker, a leadership coach, a theatre artiste with experience , a stand up comedienne, she has been training numerous aspirants into the media and the entertainment industry.

She is a broadcasting consultant with numerous media agencies. A product evangelist who has taught numerous professionals the art of brand value and selling luxury goods.

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